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Client Testimonials

Kind words from my clients

I’ve been honoured to have the opportunity to work with some beautiful souls, and I am deeply grateful for their willingness to share their experiences. Scroll below and see what some of my previous clients had to say.

I had a session with Leslie via Zoom and was not at all sure what to expect.

She was very gentle and seemed to hone in very quickly to things in “my deeper self” that I was barely aware of. She seemed to have a direct line to my issues without any prompting. She found hidden beliefs that were manifesting in pain in my lower back, neck and resulted in headaches and fatigue. Leslie discussed each of these with me, and together we placed them in blocks or cells and by my choice blew them sky high in my mind. The result was amazing, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and the pain reduced considerably.


A full two months have passed, and I am feeling far better within myself, the pain is much reduced, and I am back exercising and feeling positive about my daily life. I still can’t totally understand how Leslie conducted this therapy from Canada with me living in Austria! I will be back for a refresher session for sure.


Thank you, Leslie Wiechnik!

Adrian F.

I am incredibly grateful for Leslie and the work she did on my 13 year old daughter. Despite my best efforts to communicate and reach my daughter, I wasn’t able to soften the wall around her heart. Leslie’s work with Emotion Code, Body Code and Reiki truly worked like magic! Leslie was able to identify many trapped emotions and release them and the best part was that it didn’t require my daughter to spend hours in intense (and often stressful) therapy. By the third session, she actually said “I don’t know what has happened but my soul just feels lighter and full of love.” She is now communicating her feelings clearly and I believe she is more equipped to deal with the inevitable challenges that lay ahead. I am also comforted in knowing that Leslie is available to help whenever we need it!

Patti W.

I’ve been on the path of consciousness work for many years. I had been making progress but realized something was holding me back from finding inner freedom and peace, especially around relationships. My sessions with Leslie have incredibly shifted how I feel and how I see myself. Through the Emotion Code and Body Code she has the gift of being able to tap into subconscious and release all trapped emotions, beliefs, patterns, and so much more. Now in my daily life, I can see a big change in how I think and feel. The persistent spinning thoughts and the many things that used to trigger me no longer exist. It’s a blessing to have greater sense of calmness and I appreciate how much Leslie has help me to get to this point!

Liz P.

My first ever reiki session with Leslie was nothing short of wonderful. I found her calm and comforting demeanour helped me relax and be open to the experience ahead. Leslie’s tranquil environment, gentle and kind energy felt very healing and therapeutic. Afterwards I felt refreshed, at peace and also slept very deeply that night. Leslie’s review of my experience was helpful and informative. I believe the mind and spirit to be powerful healers. Thank you Leslie, for your wonderful and compassionate energy, and I look forward to more sessions together.

Angela L.

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