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About Leslie

Each of us are on our own journeys, searching for purpose, to be free from emotional and physical dis-ease so we can life life with passion and joy. We are truly in the midst of a massive shift in consciousness, a time to shed the energetic baggage of what no longer serves us, move out of fear, open our hearts to love and compassion and live our lives in joy. I want to help you get get there.

I am a Certified Body Code™ and Belief Code™ Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, Violet Flame Reiki Master, Access Bars Practitioner, and have a Certificate of Completion in D-Codes™. All of these modalities complement each other beautifully to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing. 

My goal is to help reconnect the emotional, physical and spiritual balance so you can live your best life, free of limiting beliefs, emotional blockages and physical discomfort. By creating a safe and supportive environment and working for your highest and greatest good, wonderful shifts can happen. Contact Me if you have any questions or want to know more!

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